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The Comfort Heart Pac is a unique and thoughtful gift for any special occasion. This beautiful Pac is filled with a luxurious blend of naturally warm and comforting materials, lavender buds, and calming chamomile. Offering both physical and emotional comfort, this Pac is designed to bring a sense of warmth and relaxation to its recipient. The wine-colored exterior adds a touch of sophistication, making this a truly thoughtful and special gift.



• Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
• Ergonomic design for comfort and convenience
• Natural, organic herbal ingredients: Our Comfort Heart Pac contains a blend of relaxing, calming herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and valerian root.
• Soft, plush design: Our Comfort Heart Pac is shaped like a heart and made of a soft, plush fabric that is gentle against the skin.
• Aromatherapy benefits: Our Comfort Heart Pac contains 12 herbs to provide aromatherapy benefits and help you relax.
• Thermal benefits: The Comfort Heart Pac is designed to retain heat for long periods of time, providing therapeutic warmth to relax muscles and relieve tension.


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