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Product Features:

• Natural herbs and essential oils to promote relaxation and stress relief
• Heat or cool the wrap to customize your therapeutic experience
• Soothe tension and soreness in the neck and shoulders
• Soft, flexible material conforms to the body for maximum comfort
• Promote circulation and relaxation with aromatherapy
• Reusable and easy to clean
• Available in a variety of colors and scents

Product Description:

Gently soothe and comfort muscles with our Neck & Shoulder Wrap. Handcrafted using natural herbs and grains to relieve stress, tension, cramps, and muscle discomfort. Microwave or freeze for instant therapy.

Experience the calming and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy with the Herbal Concepts Neck and Shoulder Hot and Cold Wrap. Our wrap features 12 herbs and essential oils, providing relief and relaxation to your neck and shoulders. Heat and cold therapy help to reduce tension and stress while providing a pleasant and soothing sensation. Perfect for use after a long day or during a stressful time, the Herbal Concepts Neck and Shoulder Hot and Cold Wrap is an ideal solution for relieving tension and promoting relaxation. Enjoy the comforting aromas of these herbs and oils while relieving tension and stress in your neck and shoulders. It's the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day.

The patented horse-shoe design covers the neck, shoulder, and a wide portion of the back to relieve tension on all joints and nerves during the day. Heat compression helps in the removal of pain-causing substances and relieves muscular stiffness. Cold compression reduces metabolic rate, prevents blood flow from leaking into tissues, and aids in the reduction of swelling, edema, and pain. Helps in relaxing spasms of the neck and shoulder muscles. On one hand, it reduces stress, and inflammation, on the other, soothes acute and chronic pains caused by arthritis or stressed joints and tendon.

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