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Usage Instructions

Caring for your wrap

Our aromatherapy wraps can be used hot or cold. Relax tired, sore muscles and improve circulation by heating our wraps in the microwave. Our wraps stay warm because we use heat retaining natural grains like flax seed and wheat. Use our wraps chilled in the freezer for cold therapy to comfort strains, sprains and swelling. Cold therapy is an effective treatment for reducing inflammation.
Heating times vary by product. Go to specific product page for maximum heating time.

Contact Information for Support/Order Related queries

Please allow a Turn Around Time of 24-48 hours for email resolutions.
Phone Number :(832) 497-9543
Address: Herbal Concepts, 14932 Kuykendahl Road, Houston,TX 77090

What sets Herbal Concepts products apart from others on the market?

Herbal Concepts takes pride in using the highest quality ingredients, employing a physician-formulated combination of herbs and grains. Our products are crafted to provide unique healing benefits, setting them apart in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Where do you source your aromatic herbs from?

We gather our 12 aromatic herbs from around the world to ensure a diverse range of healing properties. Each herb is selected for its specific benefits and contributes to the overall efficacy of our products.

How are Herbal Concepts products crafted?

Our products are carefully crafted using a physician-formulated combination of herbs and grains. The meticulous process ensures the optimal blending of ingredients to deliver the desired healing effects.

What kind of healing benefits can I expect from Herbal Concepts products?

Each of our 12 aromatic herbs provides unique healing benefits, ranging from relaxation and stress relief to targeted therapeutic effects. The combination of these herbs is designed to address various wellness needs.

Can you describe the Herbal Concepts difference in sensory experience?

When you use Herbal Concepts products, you'll not only see but also smell and feel the difference. Our commitment to quality and the careful selection of ingredients result in a sensory experience that distinguishes our products.

Are Herbal Concepts products suitable for everyone?

Our products are crafted with quality and inclusivity in mind. While individuals with specific health concerns should consult their physician, our range is designed to cater to a broad audience seeking natural and effective wellness solutions.

Do you offer any guarantees on the effectiveness of your products?

Herbal Concepts stands behind the efficacy of its products. We believe in the quality of our ingredients and their healing benefits. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we offer guarantees to ensure confidence in our products.

How can I incorporate Herbal Concepts products into my daily wellness routine?

Depending on the product, usage instructions may vary. However, our products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. Detailed usage guidelines are provided with each product for easy incorporation.

Are Herbal Concepts products environmentally friendly?

Yes, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We strive to use eco-friendly packaging and practices in our production process to minimize our ecological footprint.

Where can I purchase Herbal Concepts products?

Herbal Concepts products are available for purchase on our official website. Additionally, we may have authorized retailers where you can find our products. Check our website for the most up-to-date information on where to buy.

What makes the Herbal Concepts Neck & Shoulder Wrap unique, and what is the significance of the US Patent (No. US D629,178S)?

The Herbal Concepts Neck & Shoulder Wrap is distinguished by its innovative design, superior fit, and exceptional quality. The US Patent (No. US D629,178S) attests to the product's unique design and confirms its authenticity. The patent number is sewn into each genuine Herbal Concepts Neck & Shoulder Wrap, ensuring customers receive the original, patented aromatherapy product.

How does the Herbal Concepts Neck & Shoulder Wrap incorporate aromatherapy, and what benefits can users expect?

The Herbal Concepts Neck & Shoulder Wrap combines the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy with its ergonomic design. Infused with our proprietary blend of 12 aromatic herbs, the wrap provides a soothing and aromatic experience. Users can expect relaxation, stress relief, and targeted relief for the neck and shoulder area. The carefully formulated aromatherapy enhances the overall well-being and effectiveness of the product.

Care Instructions & Considerations

Only the Best Quality
  • Spot clean with damp cloth
  • Air dry
Removal Cover Care
Removal Cover Image
  • Remove cover before washing
  • Do not wash, wet or submerge herb pac
  • Machine wash cover in cold water
  • No bleach
  • Tumble dry low or hang dry
  • Know your microwave and settings
  • Follow heating instructions
  • Use properly functioning microwave
  • Over heating can cause burns
  • Do not overheat
  • Check wrap temperature before use
  • External use only
  • Wheat is included in our standard product line
  • Wheat is stored in our manufacturing facility
  • Spot clean only, do not submerge herb wraps/pacs
  • Contact a healthcare provider concerning pre-existing conditions
  • Use all eye products chilled or room temperature only (eye pillow, sinus mask & migraine cap)
  • Use all feet products in a resting position only; not intended for walking (booties, slippers & feet)

For our customers who prefer all natural aromatherapy without scent, we offer Unscented Wraps. We pack each wrap with flax seeds to provide a “scent free” aromatherapy experience.


Herbal Pac: a fabric shell filled with herbs and grains

Aromatherapy: the use of herbs as therapy to provide comfort, relieve tension, stress, alleviate discomfort from minor ailments

Thermapeutic: using temperature to activate natural herbs and grains – treats muscles, stress, tension, pain or discomfort

Unscented: lack of smell, scent, perfume, herbs

Certified Organic Cotton: a soft, natural color cotton fleece, certified by USDA NOP rules to be 100% organic

Minky: a luxurious, silky soft 100% polyester fabric that resembles real mink to the touch. Super soft and extra cuddly, it is the ultimate fabric for Kozi wraps

Natural: ingredients used are grown in a natural environment

Therapy: a treatment intended to relieve or comfort

Aromatherapy Benefits

  • Relieve sinus, migraine
  • headache pain
  • Alleviate cold & flu symptoms
  • Enhance sleep
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Relax body
  • Calm muscle pain
  • Restore energy
  • Soothe arthritis pain
  • Release stress
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