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Introducing the Herbal Concepts Sinus Mask Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Wrap: Your Gateway to Soothing Relief

Experience the ultimate in sinus relief with our Microwavable Sinus Mask, thoughtfully crafted by Herbal Concepts. Shaped to gently contour your eyes, this versatile mask combines the healing powers of 12 herbs and essential oils with the therapeutic benefits of hot and cold therapy. Designed for targeted comfort, it's your passport to relaxation and relief, tailored to address sinus discomfort whenever you need it. 

Key Features:

  • Targeted Sinus Relief: Our Sinus Mask is tailored to alleviate sinus discomfort effectively. Its unique eye-shaped design ensures a perfect fit, providing soothing relief precisely where you need it.
  • Aromatherapy Delight: Infused with a blend of 12 therapeutic herbs, including eucalyptus and peppermint, the mask offers a delightful aromatherapy experience. Inhale the calming scents, promoting relaxation and easing sinus congestion.
  • Versatile Hot/Cold Therapy: Whether you prefer gentle warmth to soothe sinus pressure or refreshing coolness to reduce puffiness, this mask offers the flexibility of both hot and cold therapy. Heat it in the microwave or chill it in the freezer, adapting to your specific needs.
  • Soft and Comfortable: Crafted from premium materials, the Aromatherapy Wrap for Sinus is soft against your skin, providing a luxurious touch. Its lightweight design ensures comfort, allowing you to wear it during relaxation sessions, meditation, or even while taking a nap.
  • Portable Relaxation: Designed for on-the-go relief, the mask is easily portable, enabling you to use it comfortably from anywhere, anytime. Whether at home, in the office, or during travel, experience the healing powers of aromatherapy and temperature therapy wherever life takes you.


The Sinus Mask Hot/Cold Aromatherapy transcends conventional eye masks, offering a holistic approach to sinus relief. By combining aromatherapy with customizable hot and cold therapy, this mask becomes your trusted companion in moments of sinus discomfort. Embrace its calming scents and targeted relief, giving yourself the gift of relaxation, refreshing your eyes, and rejuvenating your spirit.

Ready to experience the soothing embrace of our Sinus Mask? Click "Add to Cart" now and make it an essential part of your self-care routine. Elevate your well-being, and immerse yourself in the tranquility and relief you deserve. Transform sinus discomfort into moments of serenity with Herbal Concepts - Sinus Mask Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Wrap.

    Product FAQs

    Q: How do I use the Herbal Concepts Sinus Mask?

    Ans: To use the Sinus Mask, simply heat it in the microwave for soothing warmth or chill it in the freezer for a refreshing coolness. Place it over your eyes and sinus area for targeted relief.

    Q: What are the benefits of aromatherapy in the Sinus Mask?

    Ans: The Sinus Mask is infused with a blend of 12 therapeutic herbs, including eucalyptus and peppermint, which offer a delightful aromatherapy experience. Inhaling these calming scents can promote relaxation and ease sinus congestion.

    Q: Can the Sinus Mask help with sinus pressure and puffiness?

    Ans: Yes, the Sinus Mask is designed to provide targeted relief for sinus discomfort. Whether you need to soothe sinus pressure with warmth or reduce puffiness with coolness, this mask offers the flexibility of both hot and cold therapy.

    Q: Is the Sinus Mask reusable?

    Ans: Yes, the Sinus Mask is reusable. Simply heat or chill it as needed for continued relief. It's a convenient and cost-effective solution for addressing sinus discomfort.

    Q: How should I clean the Sinus Mask?

    Ans: To clean the Sinus Mask, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Do not submerge it in water or put it in the washing machine, as this may damage the herbs and essential oils infused in the mask.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Briella Jenkins
    Work well

    The mask is well made, fits well, is very comfortable and works! Relieves headaches.

    Kamila Watkins
    Great product!

    The Sinus Mask from Herbal Concept is a great. Its calming aromatherapy and gentle pressure provide instant relief to my sinuses.

    Great Mask

    The Sinus Mask is my go-to for sinus relief. The herbs work wonders, and the mask's fit is perfection.

    Ariana Marshall

    The Herbal Concept Sinus Mask combines warmth and aromatherapy for ultimate relief. The lavender scent is delightful, and it helps clear my sinuses in the most soothing way.

    Callie Edwards
    Five Stars

    The Sinus Mask is a must-have for anyone battling sinus issues.