Usage Instructions

Our aromatherapy wraps can be used hot or cold. Relax tired, sore muscles and improve circulation by heating our wraps in the microwave. Our wraps stay warm because we use heat retaining natural grains like flax seed and wheat. Use our wraps chilled in the freezer for cold therapy to comfort strains, sprains and swelling. Cold therapy is an effective treatment for reducing inflammation.

Heating times vary by product. Go to specific product page for maximum heating time.


  • place wrap in microwave
  • allow turn table to rotate freely
  • microwave on high for 1 minute
  • after heating, gently shift herbs from side to side
  • check temperature for desired warmth
  • if needed, increase in 30 second increments, do not exceed recommended maximum heating time

relax tired, sore muscles and improve circulation!


  • Seal in a plastic bag
  • place in freezer for 1-2 hours or more
  • can be stored in freezer

comfort strains, sprains and reduce inflammation!

Care Instructions

Cleaning Wraps

Spot clean with damp cloth

Air dry

Cleaning Removable Cover Wraps

Remove cover before washing

Do not wash, wet or submerge herb pac

Machine wash cover in cold water

No bleach

Tumble dry low or hang dry


Learn your microwave settings

Check temperature before use

Do not overheat

Over heating can cause burns

For external use only

Talk to your doctor about pre-existing conditions

All Eye Pillow, Eye Mask, Sinus Mask,
Migraine Cap
: recommended use room temperature or chilled

All Comfort Booties, Organic Comfort Booties: intended for use in a resting position; not intended for walking

Prefer an Unscented Product?

Click the Unscented? checkbox next to any item in your shopping cart to recieve a fragrance-free product.

For our customers who prefer all natural aromatherapy without scent, we offer Unscented Wraps. We pack each wrap with flax, wheat and other natural grains to provide a "scent free" aromatherapy experience.

NOTICE: The Neck and Shoulder Wrap and Luxury Wrap are protected by US Patent #D629,178S