Setting & Accomplishing Goals

Setting & Accomplishing Goals

Setting goals are easy. Getting them done is the hard part. As you go about your day, week and year, everyday life hits you with challenges and tasks along the way. Goals must be set to accomplish these things, whether they are things you must get done or simply things you want. So what is the best method to actually accomplishing the goals you set out for yourself?



Different situations require different tactics to achieve a goal. Determine what is needed based on the task at hand and develop a specific goal that you aim to achieve for that task. Writing specifically what the goal is an easy way to refine and emphasize it to yourself. Once it’s written on paper, it becomes real.



Why are you doing this? Is it for yourself? Someone else? It is personal or work related? Is it perhaps something you have to do, or is it for fun? These factors may very the urgency and importance of the goal.



Understand how long it will take you to achieve the goal without overwhelming yourself. Be sure to keep your time-frame and overall goal reasonable. Without setting a time limit, either for yourself or already having one in place, it becomes more difficult to motivate yourself into accomplishing what needs to happen for that goal.



If you break each step down into parts and take it one bit at a time, that action will help to moderate your stress levels along the way. Developing a process to tackle how exactly to complete the goal leads into knowing what you want, knowing what needs to be done, and planning ahead to make sure the goal is accomplished.


Reward yourself!

Once you’ve accomplished your goal, reward yourself! Maybe the completion of the goal is a reward in and of itself, but always treat yourself after you’ve accomplished something in order to reinforce that mentality and behavior. Sit back, relax, and give yourself some well-deserved encouragement!



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