Reducing Neck and Shoulder Pain From Your Desk Job

Many of us work desk jobs. And many of us have had visits from Erogomic people or lectures from HR on the correct way to sit at our desks, what hight our monitors should be at, where our chairs should go…. etc., etc. Yet no matter how many of these chats we’ve had, we all get stuck in our habit of sitting in front of our monitors day in and day out, with poor posture. This leads to neck and shoulder pain, which can makes doing our jobs difficult and potentially leads to even worse posture and even more pain. Well at Kozi we’ve decided that we should help put a stop to this bad cycle of pain. Playing off of our best selling product the Neck & Shoulder, we’ve created the Luxury Wrap. All of the Neck & Shoulder Wrap but in a portable size. This makes taking to the office even easier. As you notice your neck and shoulders tensing up from a long day of staring at the monitor and typing at your keys, its easy to take out your Luxury Wrap and heat up in 30 second burst until you’ve reached desired temp…. then take back to your desk and enjoy. You’ll naturally sit up straighter with the Luxury Wrap on your shoulders AND the warmth from our all-natural 12 herbs and grain recipe will relax your muscles and release your tension. Helping you on the way to relax, release and restore. Visit to learn more about our Luxury Wraps.

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