Breast Kozi

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Breast Kozi's are designed to provide all natural comfort & pain relief for symptoms experienced during nursing and weaning. Handmade from soft, cozy 100% cotton fabric and natural flax seed. Crafted into a graceful curve that easily slips into a nursing bra or tank. Use heated to encourage let- down, and prevent clogged milk ducts or chilled to relieve breast tenderness. Slip hot or cold Breast Kozi into nursing bra for targeted relief. The stylish and flexible design provides natural, soothing comfort for mama and baby. Filled with 100% natural flax seed, unscented.

Dimensions (in): 7" diameter


Hot or Cold Therapy Benefits
• Relieve engorgement & tenderness
• Encourage milk flow & let-down
• Aid in preventing clogged milk ducts
• Reduce stress
• Soothe mastitis symptoms
• Improve circulation
• Enhance emotional balance
• Boost productivity
• Comfort mom

Care Instructions for This Wrap

1. place in microwave
2. allow turn table to rotate freely
3. microwave pair 30-60 sec (single 20-30 sec)
4. do not exceed 60 sec total for pair (30 sec total single)
5. check temperature for desired warmth
6. after heating, gently shift herbs from side to side
Be careful not to overheat!

1. Seal in a plastic bag
2. place in freezer for 1-2 hours
3. can be stored in freezer

NOTICE: The Neck and Shoulder Wrap and Luxury Wrap are protected by US Patent #D629,178S