Sinus & Migraine Cap

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The Sinus & Migraine Cap is designed to gently cover sinus, temples, eyes & neck area. Our unique cap stimulates acupressure points around sensitive eyes and neck while enhancing calmness and relaxation to the entire body. The Sinus & Migraine Cap naturally forms to individual features to relieve stress. The removable neck pac allows the option of hot, cold or a combination of therapies. Relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and soul.

Dimensions (in): 11.5 x 10 x .5

This product can be ordered unscented

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• Unique design therapy for neck, eyes and sinus area
• Adjustable one size fits all
• Hot, cold therapy or combination both
• 100% all natural ingredients
• Light weight, soft, smooth fabric

Care Instructions for This Wrap

Microwave: Neck portion only
1. place wrap in microwave
2. allow turn table to rotate freely
3. microwave up to 1 minute depending on desired warmth
4. do not exceed 1 minute heating time
6. after heating, gently shift herbs from side to side
Be careful not to overheat!

Freezer: Neck and/or Eye
1. Seal in a plastic bag
2. place in freezer for 1-2 hours
3. shift herbs side to side

NOTICE: The Neck and Shoulder Wrap and Luxury Wrap are protected by US Patent #D629,178S