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Product Description

Herbal Concepts is a US manufacturer of 100% organic hot and cold wraps. Using a patented design, Herbal Concepts has been helping customers reduce pain and lead a balanced life.

From Herbal Concepts house, the lavender-colored booties, charcoal-colored mits, and neck and shoulder wrap help you stay as active as you are. The boot-shaped wrap completely covers your feet and ankles, the cylinder shape mits covers your palms and wrists, and the patented horseshoe shape of the neck and shoulder wrap takes care of your neck and shoulder muscles. Together, they allow an even heat distribution to the entire area. Not only the muscles but the Herbal Concepts backpack and booties wrap also provides comfort to your stressed joints.

Made with 100% organic flaxseed to deliver moist heat, this combo pack of microwaveable wraps allows for an even heat distribution for a long time without worrying about any side effects. On top of it, the heat helps increase the blood flow that eventually flushes out the pain-inducing chemicals from your bloodstream. It is particularly beneficial when your joints get a sudden catch or muscles are overworked.

On the other hand, if you accidentally hurt yourself and get swelling, you can chill this combo pack of wraps and offer cold compression on the impacted areas. The cold wrap constricts the blood flow and prevents it from leaking to the tissues, thereby helping reduce swelling and pain.

The Herbal Concepts combo pack of comfort booties, comfort mits, and neck and shoulder wrap has a blend of 12 aromatic herbs, including peppermint and lemon grass. When heated, these herbs release essential oils to provide aromatherapy and help alleviate the pain, helping you spring back rejuvenated.