Staying Healthy When You Have a Desk Job

Staying Healthy When You Have a Desk Job

Working in an office can often have a negative effect on our health as desk jobs do not require a lot of physical activity. Being sedentary and sitting for an entire shift increases our risk of weight gain and heart disease. Staying seated all day can also lead to higher stress levels and decreased productivity. Many people with desk jobs may not realize that they have quite a few opportunities to be active during their day if they break out of their standard routine. Here are a few ways you can be more active and stay healthy if you have a desk job.


Eat healthy snacks

A simple way to be healthy while having a job that is not helping you stay healthy is to eat well. Swapping unhealthy snacks that are loaded with sugar and empty calories for ones that are full of protein and are more filling is a simple change you can make. Healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits will help you stay full while providing the nutrition you need.


Find subtle ways to stay active

Just because you work at a desk doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to be active throughout your day. Take the stairs rather than the elevator and park your car further from the building’s entrance in order to take more steps each day. If you have long lunch breaks, you can also try to split your time between eating lunch and taking a walk. This will help you be more physically active and can boost your productivity.


Eat breakfast

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, so why are people skipping it? Skipping breakfast means you might have less energy throughout your day and will be hungrier later in the day. This can lead to you over-eating at lunchtime and your hunger may become a distraction. Eating a nutritious breakfast can allow you to relax and slow down before your busy workday begins. Looking for some easy and healthy breakfast recipes? Here’s another blog you might be interested in:


Take your breaks

Another thing that people tend to skip when their lives are busy is taking breaks. Breaks are important because they allow us to relieve stress and calm down. A break is a perfect opportunity to get up and move around. When you return to your work, you should feel refreshed and ready to get back to work.



Stretching and moving your body during your breaks and lunch is important. Stretching allows you to release any tension that is being held in your body. Try taking deep breaths while stretching to reduce stress and increase oxygen and blood flow.


Pack healthy lunches

Along with eating healthy snacks, you should try packing your own lunch to avoid unhealthy choices. When people don’t bring their own lunch to work, they often resort to buying a lunch that is convenient and unhealthy. Try taking time each weak to plan out your lunches for the week and prepare each meal the evening before you go to work. This allows you to ensure that your ingredients are fresh and nutritious.



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