Flax Seed


We are proud to call Oregon home, and because of that we put locally grown flax seed in each of our all-natural hot or cold herbal wraps. Our flax is grown in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Nestled between three stunning mountain ranges, the Willamette Valley has some of the most fertile soil thanks to the Willamette River, which flows throughout the valley. Flax is rich in natural oils that produce moist and relaxing heat when warmed. Pop one of Kozi’s many herbal wraps* in the microwave for 1-2 minutes** and you’re on your way to the best at home spa experience. 
                            RELAX | RELEASE | RESTORE

*Do not heat Kozi or Kozi Natural Eye in the microwave, it is only intended for use room temperature or cold
**Caution, microwave strength varies test each wrap before use


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