Aromatic Benefits of: Rosemary


Rosemary, an herb often used in Italian cooking- is a perennial herb with leaves similar to evergreen pine-needles, also has great health benefits.

FUN FACT: Rosemary is part of the mint family!

This herb, although it has no nutritional value has wonderful health benefits, we use Rosemary in all of our Kozi products as a headache support. Research shows that rosemary contains compounds similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, which act to relieve headaches. The name rosemary comes from the Latin word rosmarinus, meaning “mist of the sea” or “dew of the sea”. Rosemary also is closely related to basil, lavender, and oregano. Rosemary’s anti-inflammatory qualities also help to relieve pain from sprains and joint aches. It is also known to stimulate blood circulation, which help to relieve pain and aid in faster healing so you can #relax #release #restore

Other health benefits of rosemary include: improved memory and cognition, neurological protection, and protection against brain aging.

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