Aromatherapy and the Benefits of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and the Benefits of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils and aromatherapy are a popular form of natural medicine. Aromatherapy has been a common practice for thousands of years and has started to gain more popularity in recent years. Essential oils are used for natural pain relief, skin care, improved digestion, and many other medical conditions. While essential oils are popular, it is important to consult your doctor before using them. Some oils can have negative side effects if used in high quantities and others may compete with your medication.

Kozi’s wraps are filled with 12 herbs and each herb provides different health benefits. This article will describe 6 of the herbs, the health benefits they provide as essential oils, and how they are used for aromatherapy.


Lavender is commonly used to reduce anxiety and calm nerves. It also used to reduce headaches and improve sleep. We use lavender in Kozi wraps as a nerve tonic, which means it helps relieve stress.


Valerian Root

Valerian root oil is used to promote relaxation and helps relieve stress. This herb is another important ingredient in the blend of herbs used inside each of our wraps. Along with promoting relaxation, valerian root helps calm muscle spasms.


White Willow

White willow bark comes from the willow tree and is commonly used to relieve pain. Another health benefit of white willow is that it can help relieve joint and lower back pain. This herb is used inside Kozi wraps to help relieve pain.



The Chamomile plant is a white and yellow flower that provides numerous health benefits. Used to relieve stress and mild anxiety, chamomile promotes healthy digestion, and can help reduce inflammation. This herb is used in our wraps to promote relaxation.



Rosemary is used for a wide variety or things including cooking, aromatherapy, and skin care. Not only do people use rosemary oil to relieve sore muscles, but they also use it to help improve circulation, relieve arthritis pain, and support their brain health. This herb is used inside Kozi wraps to help relieve headaches.


Peppermint isn’t just used to add flavor to your favorite tea or coffee. This herb also helps reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve concentration. Our wraps utilize the pain-relieving power of peppermint as well as its ability to help calm muscle spasms.




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