How to Allergy-Proof Your Home

How to Allergy-Proof Your Home


Spring is here and allergy season is in full swing. If you’re one of the many people who suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, there are quite a few things you can do to minimize the number of allergens in your home. Pet owners face a bigger challenge when they want to allergy-proof their home, but that doesn’t mean they have to get rid of their furry friends. Below are some suggestions for getting your house ready for allergy season by eliminating mold, dust, pollen, and pet allergens.


Use your air conditioner

Opening windows allows dust and pollen to enter your home and trigger your allergy symptoms. Using fans can help keep your house cool during warm seasons, but they also blow dust around inside your home. Using your home’s filtered air conditioner is the best way to cool your home with clean, allergen-free air.


Avoid upholstered furniture

Furniture pieces that are covered in cloth attract allergens and are harder to clean. While cloth can be vacuumed, it is easiest to choose furniture covered in leather or made of wood as those surfaces are easier to clean. Pet hair is easier to wipe off a wooden chair than an upholstered recliner.


Keep windows dust-free

Blinds collect dust and many people don’t clean them frequently. If your blinds are collecting dust, start cleaning them regularly or switch them out for washable curtains.


Vacuum or mop floors regularly

Like upholstered furniture, carpeting and area rugs are dust-magnets and should be avoided if you suffer from severe allergies or asthma. If you don’t want to get rid of your carpets, vacuum your floor every week and wash area rugs frequently. You will also want to use a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filter because they capture small dust particles the best without blowing the allergens back into the air.


Keep bedding clean

You may not notice it, but bed sheets and pillowcases collect dust and skin particles very quickly. Try to wash your bedding every week to minimize the number of allergens in your bedroom.


Reduce pet dandruff

Suffering from allergies might not stop you from having a pet if your allergy symptoms aren’t severe. Limiting which rooms your pets can enter will help you keep pet allergens contained and easier to manage. If you know which rooms your pets have been in, you will know which rooms contain more allergens and you can focus on those spaces during your weekly cleaning session.


Following these suggestions while cleaning your house should provide some relief for allergy sufferers while they are inside. It’s nearly impossible to stay indoors 24/7 and to completely allergens. If you are still struggling to control your symptoms after allergy-proofing your home, try using a Kozi wrap. Our Eye Pillow, Sinus Mask, and Sinus & Migraine Cap all can help relieve allergy symptoms. These wraps target sinus pain, help soothe puffy eyes, and can improve sleep.



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